Consulting and Management Experience - Scott Constantine

  • ASB


    When good is not good enough - A new model of performance...

  • ANZ


    NZ Simplification Programme - Research and insight providing the catalyst ...

  • Veda Advantage

    Veda Advantage

    Transformational Change - Corporate identity, capability and value proposition...

  • Auckland Council

    Auckland Council

    Leisure and Recreation Services Review - Organisation design through insight, and cultural ...

  • Netway Communications

    Netway Communications

    My Way Ahead - Netway's values in practice...

  • Shipping


    Organisational culture, team dynamics, and human capital management in a shipping agency and line business...

  • Electro_Technology Industry

    Electro-Technology Industry

    An industry wide service and skill transformation in the Electro-Technology sector ...

  • Sovereign insurance

    Sovereign Insurance

    Looking after core capability requirements. Medical underwriter competency framework...

  • NEXT Electronic Servicing

    NEXT Electronic Servicing

    "A productivity dilemma, requiring a large shift in culture and approach...."

  • Food & Beverage Industry

    Food & Beverage Industry

    "An industry wide competency analysis of top job performers - Engineering, harvesting, production, testing, dispatch, and more..."

  • Baycorp Advantage

    Baycorp Advantage

    Transforming Leadership, culture, people processes, and engagement at Baycorp Advantage...