A Shipping Industry Example

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    The scope of this assignment was to conduct a review and propose recomendations regarding Human Capital Management strategies and core people management practices in a shipping agency and associated shipping line business.

About the Assignment

One of several shipping industry examples, the purpose of this particular assignment was to identify and review the human capital management strategies of two associated companies and to gain insight into core people management practices in both cases. Then to evaluate the effectiveness in relation to the business vision and goals.

The process involved a review of key documents and processes and extensive use of one-to-one interviews and small focus groups to gain insight and understanding from managers and staff.

Person, Role and Relationship

Scott Constantine, Organisational Development Consultant.


  • A deep and very useful insight into the two organisation's practices, and a comprehensive SWOT analysis along with recommendations.
  • A business case for change established.
  • Buy-in and commitment from senior management of both business to prioritise and systematically address the opportunities and issues.