Testimonials - Scott Constantine, Principal Consultant

  • "I am very pleased to endorse Scott Constantine and his capability in many areas.
    As HR Manager, I worked alongside Scott at Baycorp Advantage while he was in the role of Organisational Development Manager. He provided me with expertise in the area of Leadership and Culture Development and various high performance programmes, and was a great sounding board on all manner of organisational issues especially during the company's B3 Business Transformation Programme.
    Scott is a creative lateral thinker who has original ideas and has the ability to craft them onto paper. He has a great personal style that makes him easy to work with and I saw him develop excellent relationships with other Managers. Scott also has a wisdom that allows him to provide advice that is practical and simple.
    You won't get better."

    Shery Jamieson's Testimonial

    Sheryl Jamieson
    Human Resources Professional
    Auckland, New Zealand

    September 11, 2012. Sheryl worked directly with Scott at Veda Advantage (Previously Baycorp Advantage)

  • "I love working with Scott, because he's intelligent, experienced and a hell of a nice guy. This all means he's an expert collaborator. The thing that really stood out for me was his combination of knowledge about organisational development, leavened with tons of hard experience. This means he's not only good at identifying powerful courses of action, but provides a wealth of contextual understanding as well. It all makes for clarity, increased understanding, and results.
    If you are remotely serious about understanding and improving your people, then Scott's someone you need to know."

    James Littlewood's Testimonial

    James Littlewood

    June 29, 2010. James worked directly with Scott at ASB Bank

  • "I'm sure there are very few people indeed that know more about the management and development of human capability in the workplace than Scott Constantine; I have certainly met no-one who was even his equal.
    Scott is sharp, driven, principled and visionary.
    ... And then some."

    Sean Kemball's Testimonial

    Sean Kemball
    Chief Information Officer
    Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind

  • "I am happy to recommend Scott Constantine for a variety of reasons.
    Firstly, he is the only person I've come across in the broader field of HR with a solid IT background. Scott combines his experience in Strategic HR Management and change, with both his IT skills and his knowledge of technology departments and programs to provide very unique expertise.
    Secondly, Scott is the person who can really look at the two sides of HR, both the business and employee's perspectives. I really appreciate his concise and balanced approach in resolving delicate issues truly taking care of both perspectives.
    It would be definitely great to work with him again in the future."

    Roberto Suggi Lierani's Testimonial

    Roberto Suggi Liverani
    Security Engineer
    at an International Organisation

    September 10, 2012. Roberto worked directly with Scott at Veda Advantage (Previously Baycorp Advantage)

  • "In the time I've worked with Scott, I've found him to be incredibly knowledgeable about HR and Organisational Development. He has the ability to identify the core underlying issues and offers practical solutions that are appropriate and workable.
    He's also calm and reassuring in high stress situations which has proved invaluable on a number of occasions.
    I'm happy to recommend Scott Constantine."

    Suzy Clarke's Testimonial

    Suzy Clarke
    Manager Enterprise Content
    ASB Bank

  • "Our company faced a productivity dilemma, requiring a large shift in the culture of our organisation and its approach to work.
    During this period we extensively utilised the talents of Scott Constantine and Performance Link in the process of performance improvement and organisational change. Scott's ability to analyse, present and explore performance feedback in a way that encourages not demotivates our employees was a major factor in us gaining control of a challenging area.
    We also utilised Scott Constantine as a Facilitator, both in large and small groups, for meetings and workshops covering topics such as strategic planning, pricing and also in a diverse range of instances where the exploration of competing agendas and ultimately the consensus of the regional and branch managers was needed.
    Scott Constantine's ability to remain neutral, to analyse, and to keep meetings on course even in the face of diversity, ensured these meetings achieved our intended goals."

    Ken Johnson's Testimonial

    Ken Johnson
    General Manager
    NEXT Electronic Servicing

  • "Scott Constantine designed and implemented the new Performance Management system at ASB, of which I was one of the Pilot uses. I love the new system and have found it to be a huge improvement from the old.
    Scott was great to work with, communicated the new process well and always listened to feedback, making changes as necessary."

    Robyn Lawless

    Robyn Lawless
    Manager PMO Operations
    ASB Bank

  • "Scott Constantine is an independent contractor and worked with this company on a major contract which lasted six months. Scott worked with other consultant team members on an industry wide project, which required him to work with a variety of member clients, both small and large.
    The project work he was involved with required him to identify and define outcomes both of the project itself as well as the performance attributes of individual job roles across an industry. He was required to work to tight deadlines and produce written documentation which demanded an excellent command of the English language.
    Scott is a talented and skilled trainer and facilitator. He cares about the content of his training courses and considers carefully how best to put difficult messages across as well as how to best draw out the experience and views of the participants. He is innovative with visual aids and methodologies and is able to maintain a high level of interest in his groups."

    Godfrey Bell's Testimonial

    Godfrey Bell
    Managing Director
    Godrey Durham New Zealand Limited

  • "Scott Constantine was contracted for a 9-12 month assignment to provide various services and achieve certain outcomes for Netway.
    Scott undertook a range of projects including:

    » Implementation of stage two of Netway's values based people management process (known internally as our Values in Practice system)
    » Establishment of a reporting framework for key organisational controls
    » Review and alignment of the learning and development framework with organisational requirements and individual training needs
    » Transition of Netway personnel to Telecom NZ

    Scott managed communication issues in a difficult environment, which involved an external party Telecom HR, Netway Management and Netway staff, and at the same time gained the confidence of all parties. In this regard, Scott has dealt with a number of difficult issues which have had a "change" impact for staff.
    I have valued Scott's counsel and have developed a high level of confidence in his abilities. Scott achieved all agreed objectives and I am delighted with his performance."

    Picture Placeholder

    Deen Hall
    Manager Professional Services
    Netway Communications Limited

  • "I have found Scott Constantine's analytical approach to business and in particular to strategic human resource management very helpful. He is a sound logical thinker with a very good knowledge and understanding of how organisations work.
    He has excellent analytical skills and the ability to see the linkages between often diverse aspects of a problem or situation. He is a good listener, asks very perceptive questions and doesn't rush into quick solutions. On a number of occasions I have talked issues through with him and always found his views and advice valuable.
    I invited Scott to run a session in experiential learning activities for the students in The University of Auckland Certificate in Human Resources Training and Development. He provided a very lively session for the students which they not only enjoyed but learnt about the method. I am looking forward to Scott doing more of the same."

    Janne Pender

    Janne Pender
    J M Pender & Associates
    Auckland, New Zealand

  • "Scott Constantine was referred to the company as someone ideally suited to evaluate our business and to develop an organisation design strategy for our company, firstly to cope with significant changes within the industry, and then to grow into the future. The strategy developed was adopted as printed, as the blue print for our company's consolidation and future growth.
    Dealing with the various aspects and initiatives as part of the company's transition again demonstrated Scott's professionalism and it should be recorded that due to his diligence and meticulous handling of both the planning the implementation phase of the strategy the company's position remained very strong.
    In several most difficult situations Scott's interpersonal skills whilst being tested, were never found wanting."

    Rob Arblaster

    Rob Arblaster
    Managing Director
    Champian General Insurance

    16 February, 1998

  • "Shortly after joining Group Rentals (at the time the largest renter of electronic appliances in New Zealand) as Chief Executive in September 1994, I needed to initiate a fundamental change in the business.
    To achieve this I needed to gain the confidence and commitment of the senior management team. Scott Constantine laid the foundation for a highly successful strategic planning conference. As a result we rejuvenated the team and increased morale through a very participative program orchestrated by Scott.
    Not only was planning fun, but it also produced a commitment from all participants to accept changes in order for the Company to leverage its core competencies and to compete more effectively.

    Rob Arblaster

    Deen Hall
    Chief Executive Officer
    Group Rentals NZ Limited

    16 February, 1996

  • "I have worked with Scott Constantine of Performance Link on a number of projects, with clients in the service, financial; electronic and retail sectors.
    I was always impressed with the professional way in which Scott handled the projects. He always kept me informed of his progress and gave me complete confidence that each project would be ready on time and would achieve the results the client wanted.
    From a facilitation perspective he is a pleasure to work with. Confident and lively in front of people, he holds their interest easily, and. challenges their assumptions.
    Scott's skill and competence as an Organisational Development Consultant is particularly evident in his professional approach to identifying, measuring and analysing performance related issues on an organisation wide basis."


    Julia Thomas
    Foxx Consulting
    Auckland, New Zealand

    9 June, 1997