360 Degree Surveys

360 degree surveys crafted to provide relevant feedback and input

360 degree surveys provide an efficient way of collecting stakeholder feedback and input from a range of perspectives. When they are well designed and the information collected is properly analysed and explored they enable valuable insight to be gained.

With performance and effectiveness in mind, our surveys are typically designed for the purposes of organisational, team and individual development including leadership, project management, change management, communications and programme sponsorship. These surveys help to provide insight into performance, culture, behaviours, operating styles, and the effectiveness of various approaches currently in use.

We provide a full end to end process from design through to debriefing with the recipient(s) or we can provide assistance with any given part of the process.

Performance Link 360 degree surveys include:

1. Leadership 360° Feedback

These surveys solicit feedback about Leadership style and effectiveness for the purpose of leadership development. Feedback is typically collected from direct reports, peers, the person's manager, but can be extended to include feedback from other key stakeholders as well. We provide both statistical and qualitative reporting and analysis to help pinpoint the key feedback themes and leadership drivers, and hot-spots.

2. Team effectiveness / Interaction

Used as an input into team development programmes and discussions, these surveys identify the patterns of interaction that prevail within a team as it attempts to perform its main purpose and role within an organisation.

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3. Intra-functional Collaboration

These surveys are designed to collect feedback regarding the way in which departments, teams or functional units interact within the organisational system. They provide insight into the level and nature of collaboration and hand-over between specific teams.

4. Functional Maturity

The strategies, processes and practices within key functional areas within an organisation usually become increasingly organised and systematically more mature as that function evolves. Gathering insight from those directly within a function as well as those dependant upon it, these surveys help identify the current state and its suitability within the emerging organisational context. Examples include IT and HR functional maturity assessments.

5. Talent Leadership

Used for the purposes of Leadership development and for determining effectiveness in talent management at line management level, the surveys gather feedback about specific leaders skills, ability, commitment, and practices in relation to identifying, enabling, and managing employee talent and career aspirations.

6. Organisational Learning Capability

This survey gathers feedback which is used to develop a map of strengths, weaknesses and disconnects at critical junctions in your organisation's systemic learning process.

7. Learning Outcomes and applied learning

These surveys are designed to capture insight into the effectiveness of formal learning and development course and programmes.  They help determine the effectiveness of the intervention and the extent in which the individual has attempted to, and actually integrated the learning into their normal work routine.   These surveys also seek to identify drivers and barriers to successful learning application.

8. Organisational Culture

Our workplace culture surveys are designed to identify the defining nature of your organisation's culture(s) from a organisational performance perspective and to provide the basis for further culture exploration, analysis and development. These are ideal in sceanrios where you need to either leverage or address your team culture in order to raise organisational performance.

9. Change Readiness

Our change readiness survey provide insight into your organisation's current underlying readiness for organisational change in general. This survey is designed for use prior to the emergence of a specific new change programme.

10. Change Impact

Change impact surveys solicit the views of those potentially impacted by specific change initiatives so as to determine the points of tension as well as change drivers from the perspective of those directly involved.

11. Change Uptake

These are 'in-flight' surveys, typically used at periodic points of a significant change journey. They are designed to ascertain the degree in which employees have understood specific change initiatives. From this insight it is possible to determine just where the organisation's members are in the change cycle and how to best shape change management interventions to cater for this.

12. Project/Programme Sponsor Effectiveness

This survey solicits structured feedback to assist Executive sponsors of significant projects and programmes in the development or their role as Executive Sponsor.

13. Leadership Change Competency

This survey gathers information regarding the change leadership training and experience of those potentially involved in change or project teams, and for managers impacted by, or expected to help roll-out change initiatives.

14. Project Manager Feedback

These surveys are designed to help project managers with their development and performance as project managers, specifically providing insight into the delivery of project outcomes, project manager competencies, and interaction style and effectiveness.

15. Project/Programme Leadership Feedback

Focusing on very specific leadership behaviours, these surveys are custom designed to match leadership feedback needs within specific large scale projects and programmes.

16. Project/Programme Communications Effectiveness

These are custom built surveys designed to help determine the actual communication pathways, penetration and understanding of the key change messages, and effectiveness of project/programme communications strategies and interventions.

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