ANZ NZ Simplification Programme

  • NZ Simplification Programme


    Programme team reformation, research and insight, change

  • Organisation design
  • Culture and behaviours
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Functional capability / Functional maturity
  • Team and intra-team dynamics
  • Accountabilities
  • Sponsor Coalition
  • Change Readiness and other change metrics
  • Governance
  • Risk Management
  • Communications - Organisation design and change

Reasons for the change

A large, complex and potentially unforgiving business and technology change programme which demanded a highly effective project team.

About the Assignment

The NZ Simplification Programme was a major whole of business change project which brought the ANZ and the National Bank together as one. A key component of the NZ Simplification Project was the integration of the two banks' core IT systems and numerous supporting applications.

Working as part of the organisation design team Purdon and Associates, this assignment involved in depth research, current state analysis and recommendations regarding the technology stream's culture, leadership approach, its collective understanding of vision and purpose, functional capability and accountabilities, organisation design, decision making processes, motivators, team dynamics, governance, and change readiness as well as ability to lead change. The deep insight from this exercise was then used to help guide the development of a highly effective programme team.

Person, Role and Relationship

Scott Constantine, Management Consultant - Purdon & Associates, Consulting Assignment.


  • Deep insight and understanding of the team's current state, greatly assisting and accelerating the team's development in a planned and deliberate manner.
  • Catalyst for the design and rapid development of a large project team able to deliver one of the largest technology transformations in New Zealand.
  • A programme team that delivered a major change project and an outstanding success with minimal disruption to customers.