Veda Advantage - Business Transformation

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    This body of work took place within the context of a near total Business Transformation:

  • Change Leadership
  • Change Management
  • Organisation Design
  • Culture
  • Core People Processes

Context and reasons for the change

Veda Advantage is Asia-Pacific's leading provider of consumer and commercial data intelligence and insights, holding credit related data on more than 14 million people.

The company emerged as a result of a major business transformation of the company previously known as Baycorp Advantage. This transformation included the establishment of a new brand, new business model, new customer value proposition, change in core capability, new strategy, a technology transformation, new products, embedding a new culture and values, as well as a new organisation structure and design.

About the initiative

As part of Baycorp Advantage's B3 Transformation Programme, and embedded within the organisation, this large and intense body of work included helping to lead the change, helping to create a change management strategy, and assisting to develop and roll-out a change management methodology and tool kit for all people managers. Taking change management a step further, and establishing, developing and leading a change advocates network helped build change awareness and understanding more quickly as well as providing an important two-way informal communication link between the programme steering group and people at all levels within the organisation. Multiple streams of change were successfully planned and managed concurrently as part of this transformation.

In addition to change leadership and change management, this body of work included assisting with the organisation re-design, embedding a new culture, separating and re-establishing core people management processes, and managing the people aspect of the disestablishment of Baycorp Advantage's International division, as well as collaboratively managing the people aspect resulting from the separation and sale of the Collections Business from the Veda Advantage perspective.

Person, Role and Relationship

Scott Constantine, Organisational Development Manager, Member of the SLT, Permanent Employee.


  • A new business launched with highly engaged leaders and staff, along with clarity, focus and commitment to the new entity and new business model. All outcomes and deliverables achieved at pace and yet inclusively and collaboratively.