Baycorp Advantage - Creating a High Performance Environment

  • BCA - Creating a High Performance Environment


    Full Organisational Development remit, with an emphasis on employee engagement, culture, and the creation of a high performance environment:

  • Organisational Culture
  • Employee Engagement
  • Enterprise Performance Management
  • Talent Management Framework
  • Core Capability Assessment Mechanism
  • High Performance Teams Initiative (HPT)
  • Leadership competency framework and assessments
  • Change Leadership
  • Change management methodology and toolkit
  • Psychometric assessment and ability testing

Reasons for the change

Business growth opportunity. Desire for breakthrough performance, culture and employee engagement.

Company Background

Baycorp Advantage was the leading provider of debt management solutions, credit reporting services and marketing analytics services in Australasia with a range of products and services to help organisations make more informed and profitable customer management decisions.

In 2006 the debt collection component of the business was separated and become Baycorp, whilst the credit reporting and analytics solutions parts of the business transferred into the newly created trans-Tasman business Veda Advantage.

About this body of work

As a Leader and Organisational Development specialist within the business, this large and lengthy body of work entailed the collaborative development of a range of tightly integrated initiatives designed to build employee engagement levels, develop the culture and to create a high performance environmental system. These interventions addressed organisational purpose, culture, values, leadership and a range of core human capital management processes, and the linkages to employee engagement levels and ultimately organisational performance.

Leveraging the combination of subject matter expertise and a true OD approach, detailed development of each of the initiatives and their implementation was a highly collaborative process characterised by very close interaction with members of the human resources team, members of the trans-Tasman SLG as well as the Executive. The approach, organisational mandate and dedicated focus led to many outstanding organisational outcomes including the creation of a highly integrated and coherent environmental system designed to deliver sustainable high level performance.

The development of leadership capability, culture, core strategic people management processes and the alignment of these with the organisation's purpose and values not only produced a significantly more engaged workforce and better performing company, but also placed Baycorp Advantage in a state of readiness to embark on its subsequent B3 Transformation programme.

Person, Role and Relationship

Scott Constantine, Organisational Development Manager, Member of the trans-tasman SLG and NZ Management Team, Employee.


A complete and coherent high performance environmental system was created and in planned stages, successfully implemented. Key enterprise outcomes were as follows:

  • 34% increase in employee engagement levels within 3 yrs
  • Further increase in company performance and growth
  • Noticeable change in the organisation culture
  • Significantly improved bench-strength particularly with respect to leaders and specialists
  • A high state of change readiness for the emerging B3 Business Transformation